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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Increasing Concerns over Alireza Firoozi and Soorena Hashemi

Increasing Concerns over Alireza Firoozi and Soorena Hashemi

Committee of Human Rights Reporters- Based on available reports and evidence, Alireza Firoozi and Soorena Hashemi, student activists of the University of Zanjan, were kidnapped earlier this week by security officials. There is no update available on their situation.

The two student activists left Tabriz for Tehran and have disappeared ever since.

Their families who have been contacting Tabriz and Orumiyeh have received no answers.

Family and friends of the activists agree that early last week the e-mails of Alireza and Soorena were hacked and their personal email addresses were used to contact political prisoners and their families. The content of the e-mails have led for the families to be concerned for the security of Alireza and Soorena.

The Firoozi family went to the province of Azerbaijan to receive updates on the activists. They talked to many of the police and security personnels, but no one claimed responsibility for the arrests. The officials also claimed that the two activists’ names were not registered.

- Arash Azizi, Persian2English

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