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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Many Iranian Diplomats Seek Political Asylum

Many Iranian diplomats have sought political asylum since the June election

The Green Road Network (Jaras): Ali Akbar Omidmehr, former Islamic Republic’s diplomat who had served as Iranian ambassador in India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, revealed last night in an interview with Voice of America (VOA) that in addition to the diplomat in Norway, many other diplomats have abandoned their posts and have sought political asylum in the countries where they were serving.

According to Dr. Omidmehr, in the past two weeks alone, five of the Islamic Republic’s diplomats have filed for refugee status in the countries of their diplomatic residence. These five individuals, in addition to Mohammad Reza Heydari, Iran’s Councilor in Norway whose resignation was announced in the media, include 2 diplomats in Germany, one diplomat in France, and one diplomat in the UK. They all have sought asylum along with their families.

Omidmehr explained that the reason such information has not been reported by the media is that in European countries like Germany it is unlawful for the government to make public asylum seekers’ personal information such as their name and nationality. The right to reveal such information is reserved for the applicants themselves. He added that the aforementioned diplomats are still arranging for the security of their families and themselves, and that is why they have not publicly discussed their moves.

Omidmehr also stated that since the beginning of the Green Movement of Iranian people, 27 diplomats in total have abandoned their posts and have sought asylum in Western countries.

Translation: Siavosh J., Persian2English

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